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Utility Services

The City of Holliday bills for water, wastewater and garbage services.  

Meters are read between the 19th and 22nd of every month.  We send out new bills on the 1st of every month.  They are due by the 15th, unless it falls on a weekend or a holiday.  It will then be due on the next business day.  Payments received after the due date will be charged a $10 late fee, you then have until the end of the month or services will be disconnected.

New Service:



Water rates:  Depends upon the meter size and if the meter is inside or outside city limits.    

  • Wastewater – $18.00
  • Garbage – $19.00 for 1 can/ tax added to bill is $1.48
    • $29.00 for 2 cans/ tax added to bill is $2.25                   
  • VFD and Parks $ 2.00 each – This is a donation! You may subtract both from your bill if you would like, or call and request one or both be permanently removed from your bill.
  • Cemetery Donation $1.00 – This is a donation!  You may subtract it from your bill if you would lie or call and request for it to be permanently removed from your bill.

Paying your Bill:

  • Pay by check, money order, cash, credit or debit card in the office;
  • Mail in a check or money order;
  • Place check or money order in the night deposit box; or
  • Pay online with credit or debit card at www.govpaynow.com.  (PLC #9467)

Automatic Draft: Save time and have peace of mind knowing your bill is paid on time every month by signing up for our free and convenient automatic draft.  Just complete the authorization form and return the form and a voided check to city hall in person, in the drop box or by mail.

IMPORTANT! If you find a discrepancy or you feel like there is a mistake on your water bill please contact us when you first receive your bill.  If you wait too long we can not accurately reread the meter.