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The City of Holliday is located on U.S. highways 277 and 82, ten miles southwest of Wichita Falls in north central Archer County.  

It was established July 14, 1891, when G.P. Meade dedicated the roads, streets, and alleys of Holliday forever for public use.

Holliday is named after Captain John Holliday, a member of the B.L. Lawrence Company of Volunteers who came to help fight for Texas Independence from Mexico.  Captain Holliday was a survivor of the fight against Santa Anna in the Massacre at Goliad on March 19, 1836.  After escaping Mexican captivity, he swam the Wichita River and hid in the mesquite trees.  Captain Holliday camped at a point where the river met a creek and carved his name in a tree there.  Pioneers who later settled in the area named it Holliday, taken from the name carved in the tree.